Refresher Course – Commodores – Cebu


Here at Lockthree, We are going to startup a new segment called Refresher Course, where will dig up something dope to jog your memory and give props where due.

First, We are going to take a look back at The Commodores instrumental jam “Cebu”

Download:Commodores – Cebu

Lionel Ritchie and company were cold!!

coming straight out the BAMA,( yep ,they met as freshmen at Tuskegee Institute in 1968), so you know I had to put them on as the first Refresher Course, But with jams like “Cebu”, it really wasn’t a hard choice.Even though they are best known for their ballads such as “Easy” and “Three Times a Lady”, but, for the most part, the group mainly recorded funky, driven dance-floor hits which include “Brick House”, “Say Yeah”, “Fancy Dancer”, and “Too Hot Ta Trot”. But with “Cebu” starts with that first base line, you know that is about to be jammin. With the progression of the song , it feels like you should be riding somewhere in a Taratino movie. I am really surprised that this song has not been flipped so many times that we are sick of it. It has about 10 different beat patterns that could be sliced and diced into something nice! Just Classic !!


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