Kobe Bryant the next Tyra Banks?


I was going to leave this topic alone, but after Utah took the ball and ran with it….here we go.

Kobe Bryant, the most deadly player in the NBA made the now infamous descision to have a photo shoot. Let me rephrase a really gay photo shoot. While that does not sound bad, I can assure you it was.

So Kobe is crushing the Jazz and the Lakers lead the series 3-0 and the sweep is imminent but none of that matters because when the fans burn Kobe with thousands of reminders of how gay he looks.
Game. Utah.
So what are the people saying? Here’s a small example from TSS.

– Kobe Bryant takes it to the hole often. He averages about 25 points per game.
– Wanna penetrate against Kobe? Methinks not…he’s been named All-NBA Defensive Team seven times.
– Kobe Bryant loves dances. He asked Brandy to senior prom.
– Kobe Bryant Loves rapping. He rapped that “uncontrollable desire flows through me” on the song “K.O.B.E.” with Tyra “Ms. Tyra” Banks.
– Kobe Bryant likes to rock the rim and slam one through.
– Kobe took a Childs shot to the face. Twice. Like a champ.

Read the rest for a plethora of Kobe’s photshoot.


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One Response to “Kobe Bryant the next Tyra Banks?”

  1. MsOfficer Says:

    He sure is the next Tyra…or Miss Daisy. Did you see these pics??:



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