NeverLand is a new book (coffee table) that depicts just how magnificent Neverland was while MJ was in his prime. The images are crazy, and give one an idea of just how much money & power MJ held.If your interested in that click HERE, otherwise read on.
Michael Jackson (R.I.P) was one of the greatest entertainers of this lifetime, but lately I have been thinking about the next generation of Jackson’s.
Let’s start with case in point MJ’s daughter Paris Jackson:

I’m not big on Kiddie rap but that had potential right? Who cares about lip synching anyway?!
Read the rest for videos on Rev. Run’s Diggy Simmons & Puff Daddy’s International Quincy (IQ).

Here’s where fame can take less-than-talented folks tooo far.

Sorry Puff, IQ is wiggidty-whack!

The one example of talent regardless of bloodline.

Word to me son, that kid is gonna be huge.


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