Best College Football Saturday Ever!


First off, as an Alabama Fan, This is one of the biggest games of the year. Penn State comes in with Joe Pa who has been in many classic battles with Alabama,with the most recent one being in 1980 (9-0 win). I have to say this one may be different. With Mark Ingram and Marcel Dareus out, it still isn’t going to matter with Penn State coming into the game with a true freshman quarterback Robert Bolden. Bolden isn’t going to know what to do with a Nick Saban defense is coming at him with 101,000 screaming fans all wanting you to fail miserably on National T.V. Alabama 31 Penn State 13

For other predictions

The are many good games this week, so we are going to go through most of them and give predictions

1. No. 22 Georgia at No.24 South Carolina 11:00 ESPN
With South Carolina having the NCAA come through this week, too many distractions. Georgia takes a close one
Georgia 26 South Carolina 23

2.Michigan at Notre Dame 3:30 NBC
I honestly could care less about this game, seeing that I hate both of them, but I think Brian Kelly is a way better coach and with better talent so. Notre Dame 34 Michigan 21

3.No. 17 Florida State at No.10 Oklahoma 3:30 ABC
This should be a good game. They both seem pretty evenly matched. Defense keeps it close with Ponder fugging up at the end to give Okahoma the win. Oklahoma 23 Florida State 21

4. No. 12 Miami at No. 2 Ohio State 3:30 ESPN
I got Miami in the upset. I believe Miami will be able to contain Terrell Pryor and not let him use his legs to hurt them and I am not sold on him yet to be able to pass the Buckeyes to victory. Miami will have problems on offense but gets enough to pull it off. Miami 17 Ohio State 14

5.No. 7 Oregon at Tennessee
Oregon is going to put a good ole ass whipping on Tennessee. It’s not going to be close, and Chip Kelly might show they can put up 50 even without Masoli. They won’t, but they might try. Oregon 38 Tennessee 17



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