$cam Newton


“Rock Bottom’

Well, I have been saying the whole time where there is smoke , there is fire. Well after weeks of denying it,Cam Newton’s dad admits to asking for money from Mississippi State according to WSBTV.com from Atlanta.Good One Dude.You just cost your son his eligibility.I would have kept on denying it to the end , but I guess the FBI getting involved can make you change your mind quickly. Sorry Auburn, but yall are going to have to bite the bullet on this one. Hope you enjoy becoming bottom feeders of the SEC West.


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2 Responses to “$cam Newton”

  1. JamesBrett Says:

    cecil claims cameron didn’t know anything about his requests. so now there’s a huge question that’s got to be addressed — regardless of what we discover to be the whole truth in the end.

    how do we know where to draw the line? at what point is the money-requester far enough away from the athlete that the athlete is no longer responsible for the other guys’ actions — providing he does not indeed know about the request for money? [which i’m not saying is the case here.]

    if it’s kenny rogers asking for money, many were calling cam eligible and okay. if it’s cecil, though, cam is guilty — regardless of whether he knew or not. what if it were an abusive father who’d lost custody 10 years prior in a divorce? what if it had been cam’s brother? where is that line? at what point is a 21-year old kid held responsible for the sins of those around him? at what point is he released from the actions of others?

    where is that line?

  2. bamajj Says:

    Those are good questions, that I honestly don’t know the answers , but IMO the NCAA doesn’t work situational, they work in absolutes. If someone in the immediate family, regardless of the situation, has their hand out, the player in question will lose their eligilbililty whether they knew or not. It’s sad that a kid with so much going for him comes crashing down by those around him.

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