I’m So Fly


Yo,to be the flyest you need the newest, freshest stuff and round here on the Lock we got stuff 5 years before it supposed to come out.

This custom made Nike shoe was worn by Michael J. Fox as “Marty McFly” in Back to the Future II. When Doc Brown and Marty arrive in the year 2015, Doc asks Marty to put on clothes similar to Marty Jr. To help him pass for a contemporary teenager, Doc Brown gives Marty the latest in high-tech outerwear. The first thing he puts on is the self-lacing future Nikes.

I needed these a couple of years back cause of that self lacing, but i don’t know if that price tag of 12,000 is worth it, but you can find it over at Profiles in History. Check the jump for some more pics


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