Jason James & Rodney Hazzard – Fame Us (video)


I received this in my inbox today, and I checked it out. The video is dope but I really don’t know anything about these guys.So here is a little info that came with it.

Marvelous World Of Color is a collaborative project between artists Jason James and Rodney Hazard. Having worked together previously on God’s Favorites they have come back together to create an album that plays out as a complete experience. Touching on a variety of topics, the album flows as a constant composition from beginning to end, often changing in sound and bending the idea of Hip Hop music as far as possible. From dark and haunting (“Fame Us”, “A View Of The World”, “The Program”), to introspective (“The Architect”, “Go”), to light and uplifting (“If It Feels Right”, “Promised Land”) the duo cover an entire 360 degree perspective. With Jason James providing the narrative to Rodney Hazard’s innovative production, and presented by DJBooth.net, PotholesInMyBlog.com and KevinNottingham.com, Marvelous World Of Color is their modern day masterpiece.

They have a mixtape that i listened to called “Marvelous World of Colors” and it was on some other shit, but it was pretty good. SO check it out

Download:Marvelous World of Colors


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