What We’re About

If you have found your way this far into my mind, let me first applaude you. I’m Abe or Ommid depending on what time of my life you have met me and this is a random assortment of things I see & hear everyday on my never ending search. I am going to post all media as long as it is thought provoking. Not to say I am against mindless dribble, but thats what I go to Facebook for.

Bamajj – I’m in my own lane, holding it down like balloon strings

FYI-Lock 3 is a road in Ragland, AL that I drive down whenever I get the chance. Just the name envokes good memories and remindes me of my home back in Ragland.


9 Responses to “What We’re About”

  1. Summer Stiles Says:

    Love the site. It’s very cool.

  2. MOGADDAM Says:


  3. Rocky Mountain High Says:

    Yo. made it to the lock.. as promised. Looks good brother.. Keep these nuggets of truth coming so I can fill this empty bowl with knowledge. Holla.. g

  4. Shanita Says:

    I Love this site and the person who created it!

  5. P.M.T. Says:

    Appreciate the add on the blog roll! Just added yours as well!

  6. TreyPeezy.com Of TheBlackCotton.com Says:

    What up fam. Loving tha SITE! I am a friend of PMT above found your site off his ZACH. I am trying to get some support on the following record: “Something About It” check PMT

  7. TreyPeezy Says:

    Fam I need ya email so I can stop posting stuff on this reply section.

    I got some more BC for you and I think it would be a great for a HIPHOP101 Quiz post for your blog, titled name the originator.

    It’s Black Cotton “Why You Over There Lookin At Me”

    Here is the joint: http://tiny.cc/oubyz

    Image: http://instrumentals101.com/cdcovers/Black%20Cotton%20Keys%20To%20The%20Suite%20Insert%20Front%202%20w600.jpg

    Thanks for the support fam!

  8. TreyPeezy of @theblackcotton Says:

    LOCK THREE! Thanks for the support as always. WE GOT A NEW RECORD (Link at bottom)!

    BC is fortunate to have the luxury of a studio at our disposal (A million and one “thank yous” to Dr. J). We’re also fortunate to have the luxury of time, as well.So please know we took our time when putting together this “masterpiece” of an album. We trimmed the fat and tried to produce an album with no fillers and just strictly hits. We had some tough decisions to make as far as song selection. And when you’re striving for a perfect flow to an album, sometimes the best or hottest songs end up on the cutting room floor. This was exactly the case in choosing our intro.

    The intro had to be perfect, since it’s the first track that sets the precedence for the album. We chose to go another route, but didn’t want a hot song go to waste. So with that said, we present to you: the former Intro to our upcoming masterpiece “Keys To The Suite”. We hope you enjoy it, cause it sure as hell hurt us to leave it off the album. But I’m positive we made the right decision.

    Black Cotton – Keys To The Suite (Old Leaked Intro)

    BC/ SD/ UP. Enjoy! (Words of Slice)

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