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Kobe Bryant Meltdown

May 16, 2011

I was glad to see Team Kobe fall from grace. Let us rejoice with this hilarious video of “real” post game interviews.


Blake Griffin is a Dunking Machine

April 21, 2011

Well how many times did Blake Griffin have intersourse with the rim? 214 that’s how many. The best 4:14 of your life is one click away.

The Future

December 19, 2010

Just remember the name Adrian Moore, who has apparantley been dunking before I could drive.

Iron Bowl

November 25, 2010

Iron Bowl #2Auburn vs. #11 Alabama . This is going to be a war. I got Alabama getting this one 26-23 . They stop $cam Newton just enough to pull it out in T-Town. Get ready!!

$cam Newton

November 13, 2010

“Rock Bottom’

Well, I have been saying the whole time where there is smoke , there is fire. Well after weeks of denying it,Cam Newton’s dad admits to asking for money from Mississippi State according to from Atlanta.Good One Dude.You just cost your son his eligibility.I would have kept on denying it to the end , but I guess the FBI getting involved can make you change your mind quickly. Sorry Auburn, but yall are going to have to bite the bullet on this one. Hope you enjoy becoming bottom feeders of the SEC West.

Best College Football Saturday Ever!

September 10, 2010

First off, as an Alabama Fan, This is one of the biggest games of the year. Penn State comes in with Joe Pa who has been in many classic battles with Alabama,with the most recent one being in 1980 (9-0 win). I have to say this one may be different. With Mark Ingram and Marcel Dareus out, it still isn’t going to matter with Penn State coming into the game with a true freshman quarterback Robert Bolden. Bolden isn’t going to know what to do with a Nick Saban defense is coming at him with 101,000 screaming fans all wanting you to fail miserably on National T.V. Alabama 31 Penn State 13

For other predictions (more…)

The $64,000,000 Question

July 11, 2010

MJ speaks the truth. Kobe- 5 rings, Lebron 0 rings . and until that changes it’s going to stay that way. Check the jump for a couple more videos from your Airness!!


The Decision

July 9, 2010

LeBron James sign with the….. HEAT. WTF? He gets to join up with D-Wade and Chris Bosh. It’s just going to be unfair. Really, they could put a bunch of guys like our man, John Sloan on the team and still win. I really didn’t think he was going to leave Cleveland. I’m going to put a bold prediction out there. Your 2011 NBA Champions are going to be the Miami Heat.

Only Kings Have Rings

June 17, 2010

Lakers 83 Celtics 79
I don’t like it anymore than you do, but respect must be given to the champs.


Celtics Take Game 4 !

June 10, 2010

The series is tied at 2-2 but this video is the real highlight of the evening. If the video is not funny enough, check the accent on the two Boston guys. It’s thick as molasses. The slow-mo is friggin priceless.

“Great job there-guy!”