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Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken

January 24, 2011

Well America’s favorite walking stereotype is at it again. What has the darkest man in the world been cooking up? Well fried chicken of course (hold the watermelon please). While I encourage anyones entrepreneurial spirit, did it have to be Flavor Flav and fried chicken ?! Gah Damn he’s making it hard out here. The guy has a degree in culinary arts which shocks the hell out of me, but at least he’s qualified to cook chicken by more than being darker than the night. I’ll have to check with someone in Iowa, where it makes it grand opening, this week.


Kanye’s Gangsta Chit

November 22, 2010

So if you have not heard the new Kanye West CD don’t feel bad, your not missing much. Of all the things this album can be called gangsta is just not one of them. With the exception of a few Pusha T verses, the whole thing is pretty soft and the above video makes light of that.

Livin’ Neath the law

June 30, 2010

Oh Boy! Jack McBrayer or the Page from one of my favorite shows, 30 Rock, is one funny ass dude. The folks over at funny or die gave him a series called Livin Neath the Law and here we have episode 3 (three) with a few helpful hints on home invasion.

“You may recognize me as back up dancer #3 in Pretty Ricky’s My Body”

*Fell over dead*

Kid Cudi – REVOFEV (revolution of evolution)

June 21, 2010


Wow the pic is something elese huh? I was looking for an excuse to show everyone this fuckery and this is it. New Cudi, this one is a bit further off the musical deep end then I like to swim out to. With that bieng said all of Kid Cudi’s tracks seem to be have the theme of taking shit too far and doing quite well with it.

Punching Bag Fail

June 17, 2010

Take it easy there youngblood, that’s not a minority your swingin’ at.

Sign of the Apocolypse

June 6, 2010

I spotted this on that Tosh. O on Comedy Central but it’s bigger than that. This video (including shawty’s gut) is bigger than you or me. This 2:13 guaranteed to change your life in ways you never thought possible.

The Nigga Pass

June 6, 2010

I know some folks who’s pass needs to be revoked……nigga.

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

June 3, 2010

So many things wrong with this video, I’ll let you decide whats worse. Kids are just little sponges and this one has soaked up some bad language. As for the face tats, that is the same as getting a child’s ears pierced.

Weatherman Rap

June 2, 2010

Well I wanted to cringe in terror, but about :30 in I started to nod my head. It’s not good, but it is better than most.

Fox News for the Win !

The Origin of Tyrone Biggums

May 31, 2010

I may have found this video, but all credit must be given to this crazy man known only to his followers as Raymond. The story goes some average joe cancelled on Pat Sajack and they rounded up this guy off the streets of Chicago. This absolutley has to be, HAS TO BE the influence for Tyrome Biggums. The video is bout nine minutes but is chocked full of gems. Sajack has to literally hold him back from just running off after he wins.

“Mild Sauce! I thought it was mild sauce.”