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Bystanders Lift BMW Off Motorcyclist

September 14, 2011

This video is a great testament to what America is all about. In the video you can see a motorcycle on fire, and a black 5 series BMW that just struck the cyclist. What happens next is just as uncommon as it is amazing. People helping people.


Josh Shepard, Petey-O, Lyricks – The Guy on The Couch

September 8, 2011

Nice visuals from the only dudes since the Clipse to be doin it out of VA. Lyricks is well known with a strong fan following and now he’s showing he has a sharp eye for talent. Shot at Honey Pig restaurant in my old stomping grounds Centreville, VA. Besides making me hungry the video has some quality rhymes and a funny ass ending.
On a side note Shepard reminds me of this guy.


Beavis and ButtHead 2011 Short Film

July 22, 2011

You thought you had grown up and then you realize how excited you are about shows just like this. Instead of watching rock videos they are watching a Jersey Shore episode in this one.

Blake Griffin is a Dunking Machine

April 21, 2011

Well how many times did Blake Griffin have intersourse with the rim? 214 that’s how many. The best 4:14 of your life is one click away.

Racist Snowmen

December 8, 2010

Yup, self-explanitory title. Is it fuct up……? prolly.
Should he have to take it down…… ?no.
Is it racist as phuck…. yes.


November 22, 2010

News says (no I’m not giving a link) that TSA has stepped up there security. Well to man who has been “randomly selected” for the past 10 years and over twenty flights this means nothing. In my eyes the majority will now be subjected to what the minorities have been enduring for years & by minorities I mean me. SNL makes light of kind of a fuct up situation but saftey first I suppose.

Kanye West – Today Show Interview

November 18, 2010

Ayo be quiet a second !

I want to get the exact perfect wording here, Kanye is sorry he hurt Bush’s feelings. I like this interview because he manages to subliminaly say:
1.) He does not regret the “black people” comment made
2.) He did (and probably still does) think Bush is racist
3.) He will still wild out on camera if you push him

Matt Lauer holds his nuts when Kanye starts tripping about him playing the video of Yeezy vs Taylor Swift. Don’t get embarssed now, hell YOU did it.

4 Lokos – Honest Advertisement

November 17, 2010

I too had a malt liquor phase, lucky for me the worst thing I could get my hands on back then was Colt 45 (Now in Grape btw). I can feel myself getting older when I see new products and say what’s wrong with these kids today. I have personally never drank with the man who drinks this crap and does not pass out, but then again I don’t drink with Walter often anyway.

Honest Advertising

November 10, 2010

I am in the market for ‘new’ ride, if only all used car salesmen were this honest. I would like to see challenge pissing as a professional sport though.

The Boondocks – Season 3 Ep 6

June 7, 2010

I missed this episode myself so this is for you and me. Damn brownies were a bit to powerful just could not hold my eyes open. Read the rest for part 2 of the episode and a couple of vids on the kid the show was based on . HOODRAT STUFF!