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Waka Flocka ft. Drake – Round Of Appluase ( remix)

October 15, 2011

I’m not supposed to like this song, but I do. Lex Luger made a beat that doesn’t sound just like every other beat. Waka wasn’t spitting random curse words together followed by chopper sounds, Drake jumped on it and did his thing. #GuiltyPleasure

Download: Waka Flocka ft. Drake – Round Of Appluase ( remix)


Drake ft. Jay-Z – Light Up

May 27, 2010

Looks like B.P isn’t the only one with a leak problem. A lot of Drake’s music from his Thank Me Later has been released as of late, which is awesome over here at the Lock. On this one , Drake gets a little help from Hova and they do their thing. Not going to lie this track is pretty tough. Check it out

Download:Drake ft. Jay Z – Light Up

Drake ft. Lil Wayne – Miss me

May 25, 2010

You know this must be a decent track because I posted despite all the bullshit I catch from friends. Your girl’s two favorite rappers found a moment to make a records about …. nothing.
Fake Drake Rhyme – ” I draw one you draw two………UNO.”


Drake ft. Young Jeezy – Unforgettable

May 24, 2010

I have been slacking off my blogging lately. So I had to come back with two of the biggest names in the game. Young Jeezy teamed up with Drake and made a laid back jam. Jeezy killed it. Check it out.

Right click,save as:Drake Ft Young Jeezy-Unforgettable

Big Sean feat. Drake – Made

May 3, 2010

I fux with Big Sean, and this is off of Finally Famous, Drake sounds better on this than he has on any of his more recent stuff. Produced by WrighTrax & Kanye West.

Download:Big Sean feat Drake – Made


Drake- Over Music Video

April 12, 2010

In My Book, Drake’s alrite, probably because I couldn’t go anywhere last year without hearing him on something, but i gave this song a couple of listens and I’m not really feeling it. but I know there is some people, somewhere that has been waiting on this video and the visuals are pretty dope, so check it out.