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Em-Wow: When Eminem meets Shamwow

June 16, 2010

Thirty seconds of vince (shamwow guy) doing what I guess he does best.


Eminem ft Lil Wayne – No love

June 9, 2010

Like the Lakers vs Celtics, when they get togeather it’s just good for the fans. The song is dope, I know they snatched that sample from the song off Night at the Roxbury. Read the rest to see exactly what I am talking about.




Eminem – Not Afraid (video)

June 5, 2010

Shady’s Back. I still can’t get used to Eminem with that black hair but the video is tight. So for your veiwing pleasure I present it to you

Eminem – Despicable

May 1, 2010


This dropped a few hours before “Not Afraid” but I passed on it simply beause it was labeled a freestyle. Mistake. My partner informed me that Em went off for a little over 2min on two beats and destroyed them both.

Eminem – Not Afraid

April 29, 2010

New Eminem always is welcome round’ here. This one is a tough track, made by the same dude who made the Drake – Over joint.
Man he spazzed out on this one !