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S Dot Smoke Sumthin – Highlife ft TK

October 13, 2011

Well here is a pleasant surprise for your ears and eyes, S Dot Smoke Sumthin (yes say the whole thing) is emerging from underground to the mainstream and the result is the highlife. S Dot has been hard at work for a while now plotting a come up, it would not surprise me to see a whole lot more of this guy very soon.


R.I.P – “Swagger”

May 6, 2010

Well thanks a whole lot white people! I’m sorry I didn’t mean that (don’t fuck up my credit). Everyone just kept wearing it out thinking it was going to be okay. Just like “Bling Bling” the word “swagger” is now on its way to the graveyard of overused words. It had a good run. One more time for old time’s sake

Ok folks that’s it now. No more swagger, swag, swag jacking, swag splash or any swagger variations.