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Wale – Focused ft Kid Cudi

October 22, 2011

Can’t beat some Kid Cudi these days. Wale doesn’t mess the song up too bad in between a viscous Cudi hook. The video is just lyrics minus the visuals.



June 14, 2010

This is from Bonnaroo this past weekend, This is the first Bonnaroo I have missed in a while.I missed my chance at Shroom juice in a cup. After watching these videos. I keep thinking “Damn Why didn’t I go again?” Check the jump for more videos from Bonnaroo

Wale – Diary

May 3, 2010

D.C representitive Wale put this out today and it looks pretty effin good. One look at the females in this & it is clear I miss Chocolate City somehting fierce. As a member of the multicultural diversity committee it is my duty that all ethnicities make it to every corner of the earth.

A day in the life : Wale

April 29, 2010

Sometimes you like music better when you understand it, so here is a crash course on Wale’s lingo.

DMV = D.C / Maryland / Virginia
P.G = Prince George’s County, MD
Mo-Co = Montogomery County, MD

Nice footage of Coachella, another music festival I missed but totally intended on going to.