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Look At The Future

July 25, 2011

Toyota has integrated a multimedia touch screen into the rear passenger windows and the results looks pretty amazing.Imagine your entire window was an Ipad and you get the idea. Named the “Window to the World” It is going to be awesome for me by the time I have kids I wont have to listen to a thing they ever say. The American Dream.


Why Didn’t I Think of That ?

July 13, 2011

Well if only I would of just connected the dots here sooner. I may buy this of GP alone.
$40.00 and get em THERE.


The Hangover 2

February 25, 2011

“The Return of the Wolfpack”

The Beaver

December 7, 2010

Oh that’s right, It’s real and it aint porn….. really.
Funny story, I totally wrote a script with the same name, but a VERY different plot. What a weird coinsidence.

Kanye’s Gangsta Chit

November 22, 2010

So if you have not heard the new Kanye West CD don’t feel bad, your not missing much. Of all the things this album can be called gangsta is just not one of them. With the exception of a few Pusha T verses, the whole thing is pretty soft and the above video makes light of that.

T.I – Yeah u Know (Takers) Video

June 3, 2010

I almost posted this with the title, “Now thats more like it.” Real high energy on this, and I never heard of this movie til now.

Stankonia Studios Presents …

April 18, 2010

This short trailer gave me chills for real. I spotted this over at Killer Mike’s blog and he said

“The homie Jeron of Royal Flush was telling me about this last week. Him and Kei of GBL are going to be hosting a new music event at Stankonia that will also give people a history of the studio. Here is the promo for it.”

GBL = Governed by Loyalty
So yeah like he said, here is the promo….

Documentary – Our park

April 15, 2010

You know the story giant corporation (Nike) will stop at nothing to promote there brand. This includes destroying the homes of hundreds of homeless people to make a skate-park.

Really I posted this because ADIDIAS > NIKE

Dick Riding Obama

April 15, 2010

This might offend my political connects.

Final Season of Boondocks May 2nd.
Remember ?

Classic Trailer – Thing with 2 heads

April 8, 2010

Oh Snap! Someone jacked my screenplay, my version had Nick Nolte’s head and Samuel L. Jackson’s body but eh whatever.